Isuzu Technical Center of America, Inc. (ITCA)


About ITCA

Isuzu Technical Center of America (ITCA) currently serves as the headquarters of Isuzu’s Research & Development arm in North America, providing expertise in planning, engineering, testing, validation, and compliance of commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Through cooperation with Isuzu Motors, our North American affiliates, and Central and South American business units, ITCA is committed to the process of engineering value into Isuzu products to provide absolute customer satisfaction, performance, efficiency, safety, and green technologies while meeting increasingly-stringent emissions and diagnostic requirements.

Our Mission

Provide reliable and innovative transportation solutions in North America, and empower employees to develop advanced engineering technologies for Isuzu global companies.

  • Employees 
    Empower employees to find creative and innovative solutions by cultivating a welcoming environment of cross functional collaboration and inspiring individual growth.
  • Customers
    Deliver reliable, smart, innovative, and responsible transportation solutions to strengthen our customers’ operations, improve their quality of work, and realize their changing needs.
  • Isuzu
    Provide technologically advanced engineering solutions to Isuzu companies globally, building upon over 100 years of expertise.

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Corporate Timeline


Isuzu Technical Center of America (ITCA) is established in California to conduct local vehicle engineering, emissions testing, planning, design, and local sourcing.


Engineering functions expand with the opening of a Detroit office, where production engineering function is formed to support the newly built Subaru-Isuzu Automotive (SIA) plant.


Technical center is erected in Plymouth, Michigan to consolidate and expand Isuzu’s R&D activities in the Americas.


Gasoline-powered N-Series commercial vehicles are introduced into the U.S. market based on collaborative effort with Isuzu Motors and General Motors.


Capability of Plymouth technical center is expanded to encompass development and performance testing in addition to ongoing durability and quality validation.


Duramax diesel engine is released jointly by Isuzu and General Motors.


Diesel-powered F-Series is launched out of Flint assembly plant based on continued collaborative engineering activities.


Gasoline-powered N-Series commercial vehicles are reintroduced to the market after concerted effort to ready the assembly facility under a tightly compressed schedule.


All-new Reach commercial van, engineered specifically for the North American market based on close-working partnerships with the body builder and customers, is named Medium-Duty Truck of the Year.


As Isuzu’s North American R&D base, ITCA continues to take on greater responsibility in the planning, engineering, testing, validation, and compliance of vehicle and engine development projects.

ITCA Facilities

Plymouth, MI

ITCA Headquarter Office
46401 Commerce Center Drive,
Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Anaheim, CA

1600 South Claudina Way,
Anaheim, CA 92805